Women Empowerment Has Contributed To Global Development


In the recent past, the position of a girl child has been elevated to an all different level. This is courtesy of human right activists who have decided to channel all their energies towards elevating the girl child and championing for their rights. This is well since girls are known to be the weaker sex compared to their boy counterparts. However, this should not give extremists an opportunity to perpetuate their selfish interests in the name of defending the girl child. All activists should ensure that they provide a level playing ground for all the sexes.
In some countries, the activists have taken the joke to an all different level where they demand that girls should receive freebies such as education and job opportunities. This contradicts what many women have been putting across that what a man can do a woman can do it better. If at all this is true, why then should such women receive such freebies. They should work for them since they can do it better than men. There have been calls for equality between men and women. This can only be referred to as double standards on women considering that even when they call for such equality they tend to behave as if they are weak.
This unfortunate occurrence should be corrected through educating women that they will not receive such rights through coercing, intimidating and piling undue influence and pressure on men and society. Dialogue will provide an excellent opportunity for this since men are always rational and ready to listen to women.
Women’s empowerment should not come through battering of men but rather through consensus between all the stakeholders. The Beijing conference was not really fruitful in so far as making this point clear. Instead of nurturing reformers, the conference produced radicals and extremists who have literally no value to add to the society. Women came back and started warming up for their men. NLP women live in sports attire where they intimidate their men courtesy of this conference and it is the high time that its resolutions were nullified and reformed to reflect the true position of women in the society.
Even God created women to help men and not the vise versa. Through women leadership courses, women should be encouraged to change their mind set and mentality towards men as increased demands by such women are making men run out of their marriages yet this should not be happening in any civilized society. Women should understand that even men have rights and continued nagging of such men by women will result to a revolt where men will also go to the streets to demand for their rights considering that they have been hard pressed and driven to the corner by women right activists who do not have any idea of what family values are all about. To be precise, many of these activists are divorcees who are bitter about men and past relations with men. The best thing is for them to embrace men and live according to how life is dictating on them.